Lapis Lazuli Nails

Lapis Lazuli Nails

This is what happens when you trust your nail tech. Absolutely epic nails without any guidance. Just look at these stunning Lapis Lazuli Nails!

I have been getting my nails done once a month since I was 16. In the last *$&$ years, I have had some horrific manicures and some absolute belters but never have I just sat for 30 minutes straight marvelling at my nails. Never.

This is just a nice self indulgent post to show off my nails and the skills of Nails at Number 11.

Royal blue gel polish layered with hand painted marble veining and laid with 24k gold flaked foil. FANCY AF.

Whilst neons and glitters are my usual choice, I sat down with the best Nail Artist in Durham to come up with these Lapis Lazuli nails.

I think I love them so much, I can’t even begin to think what I want done next month!

Hangnail – models own!

As soon as I get one set of nails and nail art done, I am already thinking ahead to next months manicure and even further ahead for Halloween, Christmas, Holidays – you name it and I have probably got an Instagram inspiration folder saved for nail art I am crushing on. That’s normal, right?

Are you a nail art fan or do you prefer nude neutrals?

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