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Cheese Advent Calendar

If like me you aren’t  a fan of chocolate advent Calendars, there has never been much choice for us. Now that we have a myriad of toys, booze and beauty advent calendars, there was still one thing missing. A Cheese Advent Calendar.

The Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar (£8 from Asda) is packed full of a great selection of bite size cheese nibbles including a special limited edition Gingerbread cheese! YES!

You have offerings such as nutty Jarlsberg, smokey Applewood, fruity Wensleydale with Cranberries, a sharp Cheddar plus others too.

Cheese Advent Calendar

I feel the Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar is really good value for money and offers a decent selection for cheese lovers or gift givers. Heck, it’s even a good purchase to grab just for the Gingerbread cheese to use on a cheeseboard at a party. £8 and you are sorted with an array.

Individually wrapped cheese, you don’t have to worry about eating on the day you open it as the shelf life is as you’d expect with other packaged cheeses. In most other years I have ripped open my advent calendar in November ready to have beautiful photos for social media of each day but I haven’t dared do that with the cheese advent calendar. The minute that bad boy gets open, it will be demolished so I am being good.

Not only do you get 24 mini cheeses, there are fun jokes, activities and the chance to win some prizes too. Winner Winner cheese dinner?

And just so the Husband doesn’t feel left out, I bought him a chocolate one!

Cheese Advent Calendar

I have raved about this cheese advent calendar since I first spotted it and I think just about every cheese fiend I know has picked it up too.

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