Skinnydip London Ride or Die Bag

Skinnydip London Ride or Die Bag

You know when you have your eye on a purchase and you umm and aah about it? That was this Skinnydip London Ride or Die bag for me. I love it and I’m glad I treated myself.

Skinnydip London is always home to quirky designs, oodles of glitter and of course badass slogans. From phone cases to handbags, they got what you need. I am partial to their summer ranges, I mean who can resist a holographic pink flamingo passport cover eh!?

Skinnydip London Ride or Die Bag

The Skinnydip London Ride or Die bag caught my eye as the girly traditional, gypsy embroidery design was offset by the metal studs, boxy design and gunmetal chain strap. My style definitely contains a lot of juxtaposition so it was a done deal. The bag is big enough to fit my long purse in, phone and a few other essentials while still closing securely. The structured bag design ensures everything is held in place and the shape is retained, no weird lumps and bumps on this bad boy.

Skinnydip London Ride or Die Bag

Now the slogan. Ride or Die. Well, there’s this bit in Fast and Furious… ok so I’ll not bore you because I could. Ride or Die basically means you are loyal to the bitter end, through the rough stuff. The Bonnie to someone’s Clyde, the Thelma to their Louise, you get the idea. Friendship or Relationship – the same applies.

Skinnydip London does love a good sale every now and then so be sure to keep an eye on their site for any upcoming sales and bargains to be had.

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