This Works In Transit Camera Close Up

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up

Whether you are short on luggage space or just don’t want to spend your time putting lotions and potions on your face, the 3 in 1 multitasking gem that is the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up is right up your street. Home or away, this should be your new go to face product.

A face mask, moisturiser and primer in one all in one handy dandy product, the In Transit Camera Close Up has your back whether you are on holiday or just looking to save some time in the morning.

As used by Victoria Beckham, the In Transit Camera Close Up is packed with oils for nourishment and both glycerin and sodium hyaluronate for that hit of skin loving moisture.

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up

In an easy to use hygenic pump bottle that is well within the liquids rule for air travel, the thick and rich cream is easily distributed across the face and settles in quickly. You can feel the moisture hit straight away plumping the skin and giving you a natural glow while the slightly tacky texture keeps your make up LOCKED.

During my recent trip to Morocco in the heat, the In Transit Camera Close Up kept my skin hydrated on the drying flight. Usually my skin tightens up like a drum skin after even the shortest flight which just makes you feel less than glam. This kept me feeling and looking good. As it is a 3 in 1 product, you don’t need to remove it before you leave the plane, you can just apply your make up straight over it.

My skin felt supple throughout the stay despite being out in the heat and sun for 10hrs a day. The delicate skin under my eyes was well looked after and I didn’t peel or develop sun pigmentation on my face. The mask and moisturiser elements kept my skin in far better condition than any after sun I have used previously!

This Works In Transit Camera Close Up

Keeping make up on during hot sweaty weather is everyone’s biggest struggle but you know what, this stuff was locked on for days. The light tacky finish held both powder and liquid products in place until you wanted to remove them. Sweat and swim proof this was a god send. I’ve been using it as a daily primer since I got back and neither the rare sun or this dreadful rain can move my make up.

A little goes a long way with the In Transit Camera Close Up so you get a whole lot for your money and I know i’ll be repurchasing this for travel. In fact it is already in my liquids bag ready for my next holiday in July. 2 10hr flights and 2 weeks in the deep south of America with temps of 90 every day. I’ll need all the help I can get!

I am on the hunt for the perfect in flight moisture spray to go with this for instant pick me ups. Let me know your favourites

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