LVL Enhance Treatment Review

LVL Enhance Treatment Review

Rarely, every once in a while you come across something that is so impressive you have to shout about it immediately. That’s how I feel about my LVL Enhance treatment. I was nervous as hell but read on to find out why you need to go and get one too!

I’ve been umming and aahing about getting eyelash extensions but as an eye rubber I didn’t think they were for me. As my top pal Vicky is a Spa Therapist, she has been trying to talk me in to a “lash perm” for months.  And you know what, I bit the bullet. I’d been watching Instagram and Youtube videos so it was now or never!

Using the official Nouveau Lashes website, I found a convenient qualified salon to carry out their LVL Enhance treatment. Laurel Beauty in Sunniside, Gateshead charges £45 for the LVL Enhance which includes a top up lash colour boost. The salon is immaculately clean and inviting which is what I needed as I was nervous. Chemicals near your eyes, it’s daunting! With parking right outside the door, the salon has a wide catchment area within the Gateshead area.

LVL Enhance Treatment Review

During the process, a solution similar to a hair perm is applied to the lashes as they are moulded over a form applied to the eyelid to help keep them perky and primed for around 8 weeks. A lash tint is applied at the same time and will need topping up in 4 weeks which is included in the price.

I cut my eyeball as a child and I’ve never really been keen on people close to my eyes ever since so I was really nervous. Louise, the lovely owner of Laurel Beauty, had me at ease from the minute I walked in. She talked me through the process and started by taking the obligatory before photos.

My lower eyelashes were gently taped down which was a very odd sensation but not painful or uncomfortable at all. A medium sized pad was applied to my upper lash line which was to be used to shape and hold the lashes during the chemical processing time.  With a feather light touch, Louise began lifting my lashes on to the mould ready for the solution. After developing, a lash tint was applied which added to the dramatic effect as my blonde lashes really popped after the dye.

LVL Enhance Treatment Review

The whole process took around 60 minutes and was nowhere near as bad as I had hyped it up to be. I held my breath in anticipation in a few places but I settled into it and found it really quite relaxing to lie peacefully for an hour! The worst part was my bum going numb! I had been so needlessly nervous about the whole experience but it’s one of those things that feels like such an alien concept. The time flew by as we chatted during the development times.

I can’t get my eyelashes wet for 24hrs but just look at them. How incredible is the difference? It is so dramatic, my eyelashes look so long and lush they are touching my brow bone. Who knew I had lashes like this. I can’t wait to try them with mascara for the full effect! I just keep looking at them from different angles.

I wholeheartedly recommend you checking a salon out and making sure you feel comfortable with the surroundings and your therapist before you book. You are lying prone and essentially blindfolded for an hour so you need to be happy. The Nouveau Lashes website HERE is the best place to find your nearest trained professional.

If you are within driving distance of Gateshead, you need to visit Louise at Laurel Beauty for an LVL Enhance treatment.

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