Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

What do you get when you combine the practicality of a Tangle Teezer and the outright funkiness of Skinny Dip London? Oh only a bloody flamingo themed Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer!

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

A heavy hitter in the hair world since it’s inception back in 2007. An appearance on Dragons Den catapulted it in to the hearts (and handbags) of the masses.

Made in England and loved world wide, the Tangle Teezer promises gentle styling and delicate brushing for all of the family.

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

With this cult status already achieved, imagine how cool the Tangle Teezer would be if the brand teamed up with bold and funky Skinny Dip London? Well as a life long lover of flamingos, you can’t imagine my joy at this new summer collection.

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

With 2 prints to choose from, I picked the simple white and hot pink version of the Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer (£13.50) and it is love. Both have the snap on base to protect your bristles and the stuff in your bag which is a bonus.

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

As usual with the brushes, the bristles are flexible and soft making them glide through the hair. I do prefer brushes with handles to get through my thick coarse hair but the Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer is perfect for slinging in to my beach bag or for smoothing out those post pool updo’s.

Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer

I’m currently on holiday and I have been the envy of the hotel with my swish Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer as a few girls have admired it.

The Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer is available from both the Skinny Dip London website and from Tangle Teezer themselves.

Party like a flockstar and pick up the summery flamingo edition Skinny Dip x Tangle Teezer brush!


  1. 10th May 2017 / 9:33 pm

    Ugh that’s so bloody cute! I need to get a tangle teaser but never gotten round to it!

    • Katie
      14th May 2017 / 6:10 pm

      You can get customised ones!

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