Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

I hesitated buying this for a long time because too many people told me it would be too harsh for my super sensitive skin. Being the ever stubborn blogger that I am, I snapped up a travel size mini kit at the back end of 2016 just so I could try it. Read on for my Alpha H Liquid Gold Review.

Coming all the way from sunny Australia Alpha H is renowned as an industry leader in corrective skincare with a worldwide market in 25 countries. You can see why the Alpha H Liquid Gold has become an absolute cult product.

Packed with Glycolic Acid, Alpha H Liquid Gold is a resurfacing treatment that can lessen sun damage and pigmentation as well as brightening dull and tired skin. Sounds like a miracle in a bottle right? I had tried the Pixi Glow Tonic before and had absolutely no visible benefits so I was dubious to see what the Alpha H Liquid Gold (£33.50) could do for me.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

It is recommended that you use it every other night, having the choice of using it as a toner by following it up with further skin care elements or for a deeper treatment, leaving it on and not applying anything else.

With twice weekly use I have been thoroughly impressed. Even from the first use my skin looked brighter and less congested. My foundation sat better and I had a glow I hadn’t had before, which certainly didn’t come from a full 8 hours sleep.

I apply the Alpha H Liquid Gold with a textured cotton pad to add a slight manual exfoliation in with the acid. The rougher, pimply skin around the edges of my face has really benefit from using the Alpha H Liquid Gold as it is softening with each use.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Review

A slight tingling is to be expected during use and after a quick check with Alpha H, it just a sign it is doing it’s thing. It is not uncomfortable or painful but quite reassuring to know that the product is working as it is quite expensive.

I leave the Alpha H Liquid Gold on over night as a treatment on a Sunday and Wednesday as I feel it is giving me the best results so far.

Clinical Trials found to reduce wrinkle depth within 20 minutes and increase the moisture in the skin – as a 33yr old woman this is music to my ears and I wish I had tried this sooner.

If you are scared of acid products, like I am, Alpha H Liquid Gold is a great one to try. I had reservations that my poor skin couldn’t handle it but this has been an absolute revelation for me.


  1. 6th February 2017 / 11:41 am

    Sounds great, but it’s got a hefty price tag! How long do you think a bottle would last?

    • Katie
      6th February 2017 / 8:13 pm

      I think I am being a bit overly generous with it as I dampen 2 pads at once but I’ve used it twice a week for maybe 2 months now and I’m about half way down the small travel size bottle.

      You could probably get away using it once a week and leaving it on as an intensive treatment to spread it out.

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