Our 10th Wedding Anniversary


At 3pm today, I’ll have been married for precisely 10 year. Can you believe it, because I certainly can’t!

I feel like 10 year is a big milestone these days, especially for getting married so young. I sometimes can’t get my head around people my age only getting married now!

Why the 2 mini bottles of champagne you might wonder? We were given these on our first British Airways flight of our honeymoon back in 2006 and not only did I lug them round for 3 weeks in America, I have hung on to them ever since. We have changed fridges and moved house yet they still live in the fridge. Maybe we will open them tonight, or maybe we will keep them another 10yr. We will have to wait and see but they are a really special keepsake of the start of our adventures together.mini

I feel very lucky to be married to my best friend.

It was hard when we got married as it was a long time until our friends started getting married and at times we felt like lepers for being the ‘old married couple’ at 23 but when you know, you know. I had never considered getting married until he asked and if I had my time again, I wish we could have got married now, with the social circle we have at 33 rather than 23.

Paul has surprised me with a trip to Paris so what a perfect way to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

In a rare moment of madness, I’m posting proper pictures of myself here on the blog. I’ve been asked a lot of times to post wedding photos and details but have always said no so this is a one time only thing….. First in 2006 and then in 2016. I think that’s even my natural hair colour!





Here’s to another 10 year of marriage!

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