Kate Spade Cedar Street Darla

Kate Spade Purse Cedar Street Darla Confetti

There’s nothing worse than having a party bag and realising your usual purse won’t fit. You find yourself stuffing cards and cash in to your bag to rattle round and float about.

I was sick of that so I finally invested in a tiny purse! No surprises that it was a Kate Spade one!

The Kate Spade Cedar Street Darla (£70) is a very dinky purse indeed. It is so compact it even fits in the back pocket of my jeans!

With seperate slips for cards, cash, ID and a coin zip section, everything is neatly organised and stays safe. There’s even a key loop if you are really pushed for space and only want to take your front door key.

Kate Spade Purse Cedar Street Darla Confetti

I have been using my Darla for when I travel as I only take the bare minimum with me.

How could I not be in love with the cute champagne grossgrain leather and gold hardware and foil dots. It’s lush!


Do you have a going out purse and an everyday purse?

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