Creme de la Mer – The Lip Balm

Creme de la mer Lip Balm review

Have you ever bought something that you knew was stupid, you didn’t need but you just wanted nonetheless?

The Lip Balm from La Mer fit the bill for me. Am I disappointed? No!

After a pretty grim few weeks before my holiday I decided to treat myself to The Lip Balm after sampling it at a press event. At a whopping £45 for a lip balm, you might be thinking that I am a mug. Maybe you are right but when I realised it was considerably cheaper to buy either via Duty Free or whilst abroad…. I went for it. No harm in splurging if you are getting a bargain is there?

The packaging is as luxurious as you’d expect from the luxury brand which is part of the Estee Lauder family. The balm itself is houses in a frosted green and chrome package with the branding to the lid. Understated to say the least.

The balm has a sweet minty scent and flavour and is nourishing without being overly thick or sticky. For all I am not a fan of lip balms you have to use a finger to apply, the formula of this means you don’t end up with claggy fingers.

Packed full of their Miracle Broth secret ingredient (which contain Algae, anti oxidants and semi precious stones), The Lip Balm delivers a soothing and smoothing hit of hydration to the lips that lasts well.

I have been using this every night before bed and I haven’t been waking up with split and cracked lips which is a nightmare if you suffer from them. A quick slick before a matte lip keeps you looking sharp without the dreaded crusty lips!

Am I glad I picked up my first Creme de la Mer Lip Balm? Yes. Am I impressed? YES. Will I buy another? Probably not. Been there, done that, got the very expensive empty packaging!

If you are looking for a self indulgent pick me up, ask a friend to bring you one back from Duty Free as you save around £10!


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