Skechers OG 82 Trainers

Skecher OG 82 Trainer Review

If you are a regular reader, you’ll know how much I am obsessed with the memory foam padding in the funky Skechers Flex Appeal trainers. It’s like little clouds for your feet. When I found myself in a Skechers outlet store with massively reduced stock AND a good exchange rate, I went a bit mad.

The first pair I want to show you is a pair of grey and mint green OG 82‘s. ┬áNo wonder they are called 82 as they are giving me pure 80’s vibes which I am loving. I have been wearing these with rolled up jeans and they are such a cute combo.

Skecher OG 82 Trainer Review

The grey and mint is right up my street and still feature the super comfy padded sole. As the shoes have a thicker foam sole than the Flex’s, they are very comfortable but not as squishy. I wore these for a solid 8hr walk around San Francisco and it’s dreaded hills and my feet still felt fresh and fine at the end of the day.

They remind me a little of the New Balance 574s but I’m clearly biased as I prefer my OG 82‘s!

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