SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray

SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray Review

Just look at that packaging. How pretty is that! Who wouldn’t want that on their dressing table?

SHOW is the brainchild of Tamara Ecclestone and created in conjuction with Givaudan, a Swiss leader in the fragrance world. The SHOW beauty line is opulent and classy, with Tamara and her super luxe hair at the helm, is it any good? Read on and find out…..

The Premiere Finishing Spray (£30) delivers a firm hold and incredible matte texture from a light, weightless mist. The spray isn’t sticky and whilst you can definitely feel it in your hair once you have used it, you don’t lose any of the bounce or movement from your style.

The luxury, high end feel (and price tag) makes you feel fancy when you are using it but if that means you can recreate the swagger you get when you walk out of a salon – then sign me up. The scent is lovely and lasts until you wash it next. It makes me feel like I am getting more ‘wear’ out of my style. And lets face it, when you have your hair scraped back in a bun for a 16hr work day, any help you can get to feel polished is very much appreciated.

SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray Review

This isn’t the first foray in to SHOW. I tried the Treatment Oil first and it didn’t really do much for my hair. I felt like I was having to use more than I should, just to try to get a result. I gave up and gave it to Vicky in the end (who LOVED it). I am really pleased I persevered with the brand and tried again. Really pleased.

There is a SHOW blow dry bar in my local House of Fraser and I am dying to try out a big glamorous blow dry to see how long it lasts using the full range of products. Someone remind me to book an appointment just before my holiday – a 20hr air travel day will put anything to the test!

Given that I am so impressed with the Premiere Finishing Spray, the Premiere Working Texture Spray is next on my list!

SHOW beauty products are currently available from the House of Fraser website.

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