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I know I’m not the only person with an unhealthy obsession with Instagram.  Do you already follow me? You can HERE if you don’t. I post daily doses of my life and loves so you can expect pictures of beauty, food, travel and cats… always cats.

I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite Instagram accounts, across beauty, fashion, food and travel. Prepare for major IG envy!

For food, nothing is more pleasing to the eye than a well balanced symmetrical plate and the only place to head for pretty pictures AND food inspo is Symmetry Breakfast (@symmetrybreakfast)

It’s not camera trickery and making 2 symmetrical dishes is a lot harder than you think it is…. trust me!

@symmetrybreakfast Instagram

Beauty, ah, I am not a fan of those over processed, over inflated instagram accounts copying Kylie Jenner. I prefer honest, clear pictures of new products and mini reviews. If you can throw in some pretty backgrounds and scenery then I am all over that account. Vicki from Lets Talk Beauty (@ltbeautyblog) has such a pretty instagram feed she wins the beauty stakes for me!

@ltbeautyblog Instagram

Oh let’s not forget the furry favourite! It may sound insulting but Fat Audrey & Gwen (@fat_audrey_and_gwen) are a grey cat and kitten duo and they are just absolutely adorable. Any other cat owners will understand when I say I just want to smush Fat Audrey’s big round moon face. SO adorable. It’s making me want a grey cat now but the husband says I’m not allowed a 4th cat. Boo!


For fashion and just general kicking arse, Anna from Glitter + Lazers is the one for me. Not only is she a hot blonde who can rock a neon dip dye, she is bold and unashamedly awesome. Her instagram feed combines plus size fashion, fitness, yoga and just a general giant Texan helping of life. The dancing videos are my favourite as they never cease to put a smile on your face. The captions to go with the pictures always entertain and really give an insight in to her daily life. The American plus size clothes are just a tad covetable and I hate that I can’t get my mitts on them!


I have followed Sheenie (@sheenieshaikh) across her social media for years now since I very first started blogging and not only is she an absolute sweetheart, she has just recently been on a kickass road trip across the West Coast of America. I had promised myself I’d put her on mute until she got back so that I didn’t get holiday envy before I go but I caved in and spent hours sighing wistfully at the incredible pictures of her trip with Leanne from Do Not Refreeze. Sheenie’s blog, Just Nice Things is definitely worth a read and you must try her Butter Chicken recipe too!


 Of course, I keep getting sucked in to a minefield of those 15 second tutorial video accounts. Anything promising perfect brows or a quick up do and then I’m there!

Be sure to leave your Instagram accounts in the comments below so I can follow you back right away 🙂 

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