Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch – Washington

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

You may remember our last review of Carter + Fitch earlier in the year. Well they have upped their game and introduced a Sunday Brunch menu.

And oh lordy it was good.

We love Carter + Fitch and quite often find ourselves popping in for a drink or a quick bite to eat if we are out and about. The food is consistently good so when I spotted the all new Sunday Brunch, I knew we had to indulge.

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

Starting from 11am, you are spoiled for choice with grill items, pancakes, fruit and of course a full English. There is even a build your own breakfast on the menu which is perfect for awkward people like me who like a ‘full English’ but without bacon, tomato or black pudding but with extra hash browns. Yep, awkward aren’t i!

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

Starting out with some freshly brewed Illy coffee and some even fresher, freshly squeezed orange juice, we had a hard job choosing what to order. The filter coffee has free refils so if 11am on a Sunday is still a little bit too early for you, you can go mad on the steaming black stuff until you perk up.

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

Typically for me, I ordered the Eggs Sunny Side Up with Bacon + Avocado (£7.50). Served across thick toasted wholemeal, the bacon was thin and streaky and cooked to a firm crisp, ‘American’ style, which is how I prefer my bacon full stop so I was over the moon. The avocado was mashed with generous chunks of tomato and chilli. The eggs were spot on and the yolks burst with gentle encouragement. I had to add a generous dash of the smoked Tabasco that is on the table. Not because the dish lacked flavour but you can’t beat eggs and hot sauce. Yum. The dish was a whole new level of delicious!

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

The Corned Beef Hash (£6.95) was outstanding. A whopping portion of salty corned beef tossed with soft waxy potatoes and spring onions and then griddled. The yolk from the egg was a welcome addition to the dish. Paul felt he could have done with a slice of toast to mop everything up at the end so I gave him a slice of mine. Toast can be bought seperately so that’s not too bad.

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

We split a side of Hash Nuggets (£1) and they went perfectly with my eggs and I had to fight Paul for the last few.

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

After another coffee and a pot of tea to wash the food down, we left happily full and stayed that way until supper time. You can’t get better value for money than that, now can you?

Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch Review

As always, service was impeccable throughout our visit which is one of the main reasons we keep coming back. Nothing is a bother and the staff always have a friendly smile. The fact the food is extremely good is an added bonus!


Be sure to check out the new Carter + Fitch Sunday Brunch from 11am….. We can’t wait to go back!

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  1. 2nd May 2016 / 8:17 pm

    Those hash nuggets look amazing! Anyway of incorporating potato into breakfast is a winner for me!

    • Katie
      4th May 2016 / 6:59 pm

      It was incredible!

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