Quay Australia My Girl Sunglasses

Quay Australia My Girl White Marble ASOS Review

I picked these Quay Australia beauties up from ASOS.  Just look at them. Oh the beauty! Yep, total blogging cliche but who cares?

The My Girl style (£30) has become a bit of a cult classic quickly amongst the blogging world so when I spot these new season white marble effect frames I had to have them. Yep, blogging cliche I know, marble and Quay – walking pinterest waiting to happen but just behold their beauty!

Quay Australia My Girl White Marble Sunglasses Review

I have sadly had 2 faulted pairs so far and I am awaiting my 3rd pair to arrive so hopefully 3rd time the charm. ASOS have been brilliant though, their service is great. They have helped me sort out my damaged pairs quickly and efficiently. That’s why I can’t show you a proper picture of my own shades!

Roll on the proper sunny days now!

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