KIKO Purifying Pads

KIKO Purifying Pads Review

It’s very rare for me to be utterly blown away by skincare but it finally happened.

I don’t know if these KIKO Purifying Pads contain magic and witchcraft but I haven’t had as many compliments on my skin since I started using them.

It’s probably not magic and just the Salicylic Acid in the ingredients list!

I use them on an evening followed by a rich moisturiser and when I wake up I have the most glowing, flawless skin. Make up sits better, I have a glow, I look fresh faced. Ah, they are face heaven in a pot!

I was a bit sceptical in case they triggered my sensitive skin but I’ve been fine with them. The instructions advise to use morning and evening but I think that would be a bit too much for my skin using an astringent that often, especially as the pads are textured which could have just upset the skin even more. I think the combination of the ingredients and the mild exfoliation is the key to the results I have experienced.

It is love though. If you are passing your nearest KIKO and spot these pads – buy them so you too can have skin so glowing it looks like you are floodlit from within!


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