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I love a bargain, who doesn’t but would you think to check Groupon or Living Social for deals in the area when you are travelling abroad?

I do and here’s why.

We travel to Europe and America a lot and sometimes when you are faced with a zillion touristy activities, excursions, shows, gigs, restaurants and bars it can be hard to narrow down when to do and when.

Of course I am not saying shun the highly rated and recommended things you want to see and do, but some times a discount voucher can go a long way to making a night memorable or a fun day out. We weren’t going to do the touristy cliche carriage ride around Central Park in New York but when I found a 50% off voucher it made the decision for us.

I have been stocking up on discount deals from Groupon, Living Social and Travelzoo for my upcoming trip across 5 states. I have bagged 1/2 price admission in to a museum we wanted to visit, discounted meals for stops on our road trip to help us make decisions on where to eat and absolutely most importantly for Vegas, lots of frozen cocktail deals where drinks can rocket up to $30 each (£20)!

We once spent a very fun afternoon drinking unlimited very expensive and very strong cocktails that only cost me £12. This was the first round, they might not look all that big but look at them compared to his hand!

Discount Deals


This isn’t a sponsored post or affiliated with any of the discount websites but you’d be surprised how few people think to check discount deal websites for their destination! Save some pennies folks!


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