KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil

It seems like I am perpetually trying eyebrow products. The process is never ending for me as I have very fair blonde, sparse eye brows.

I think I have found the holy grail of all eyebrow pencils – KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil (£4.80)

The triangular lead in this automatic twist up pencil is super soft and gives a really soft natural effect on the brows. You can use the thin point for precision and hair like strokes or the wider side for filling in larger areas.

I can whizz through my brows in minutes with this pencil. It is absolute love for me.

I wear shade 01 light blondes which is a really nice light, ash shade of brown that compliments your own lashes and looks natural. The built in spooly helps to diffuse the pencil lines and tame those pesky brows.

If you like your brows on fleek, you need this pencil in your life. Immediately.


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