Coat Perfection from Simply Be

Simply Be Check Coat

Once a post is scheduled to go live, I rarely ever change that. For anything.

I made an exception for this coat from Simply Be

This monochrome Check Coat (£75) is just perfection in a coat. I hope it will be a great transitional piece coming in to spring and then as it is a classic colourway, I can store it ready for Autumn  & Winter.

Now, not only do I never move posts around, I never covet something so deeply that I have seen on another blogger. I had seen the coat on the website and thought ooo, but skipped over it then today, Simply Be themselves retweeted a picture of Naomi from Diamonds & Pearls and I HAD.TO.HAVE.IT. Look how smoking Naomi looks! If you don’t already, go and follow her blog as I swear to god she is the most smiley blogger you will ever witness, you can’t help but smile along!

Naomi from Diamonds & Pearls

After a chain of tweets from followers telling me to buy it, I did… and I even paid for rush delivery too – again, something else I refuse to pay for but caved as I had to have it in my little mitts immediately! I couldn’t even wait to post about it!

Have you ever discounted something and then suddenly had to have it?

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