Batiste Marrakech

Batiste Marrakech

Rarely does the launch of a dry shampoo draw me in as much as this new scent from Batiste. Marrakech is inspired by aromatic flavours, imagery and sounds of the bazaars in the buzzing city.

I’ve thrown in some bonus photos from all my trips to Marrakech too as you know the city holds my heart …..

Batiste Marrakech 3

I have to say, each time I have been to Marrakech and it’s Medina, I haven’t smelled a single thing that is reminscent of this dry shampoo. The can is super pretty and cute though. That aside, it is a really nice lingering scent that isn’t overbearing.

Batiste Marrakech 5

Batiste Marrakech 4

The usual white powdery product is dispersed lightly and behaves in the same way you’ve come to expect from the Batiste hair moguls.

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