Adidas Superstar 80s Rose Gold

Adidas superstar 80s metal rose gold

Just look at these magnificent trainers. Just look.

I can’t stop staring at them!

These Adidas Superstar 80s metal feature minimal details through the foot portion to offset the utter bling of the solid metal toe cap.

Adidas superstar 80s metal rose gold

I had initially assumed it would just be a polished plastic piece but no, metal. It does make the toe area a little stiff and narrow in depth but you can size up.

Adidas superstar 80s metal rose gold

The logos and stripes are quite minimal which I like, I just have to pray I keep the beige suede clean!


These are retailing for £90 ish but I found mine on the Office Shoes website for £79.99

I’ve jumped on the cliché rose gold blogger band wagon but these are so quirky….. I have my eye on the black and gun metal pair next!


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