Urban Decay Brow Beater & Brow Tamer

Urban Decay Brows 2

If you are a regular reader of my website, you’ll know I am what we can called challenged in the brows department.

Thanks to light blonde hair that is incredibly sparse, which I seem to have inherited from my Mam and Grandma, make it somewhat harder to rock the Cara Delevigne power brow or even go out without my “brows on”.

I have tried more than my fair share of brow products on the market and I have some new ones to show you today.

The new Urban Decay Brow Beater & Brow Tamer products have burst on to the scene with their sleek pretty purple packaging and slim slender size. Oh they are a think of beauty.

Urban Decay Brows 1

The Brow Beater (£15) pencil is so super thin, it is really easy to draw on light feathery strokes with the hard waxy pencil. The texture of the pencil makes it easier to start light and build up a natural looking brow or a power brow, whatever tickles your fancy. It really does create lovely bold brows though. The spoolie on the end helps you tame the blights too.

The Brow Tamer (£15) tinted brow gel comes in the same thin packaging but features a pretty decent sized brush. You may remember me not feeling the size of the brush on the Rimmel and Benefit versions.

Urban Decay Brows 5

I have the Taupe shade which is a very cool toned light brown with no red pulls which is perfect for us blondes. I use this on days where I just want a quick look. Nothing too sculpted. The gel holds my brows in shape without being crusty or caked, longevity is also fantastic.

I like to pair the clear gel with the pencil to create a stronger more dramatic brow. The pencil creates perfect, realistic hair strokes while the clear gel provides hold without being OTT.

I think these are very strong contenders to the Benefit offering and offer more product for the price too.

Both the Brow Beater and Brow Tamer are both currently on sale on Feelunique.com for  £13.50  so snap them up quick sharp!

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