The Durham Street Food Project

Durham Street Food Project

Newcastle has the Steamer right? What does Durham have? Nowt, that’s what. Well all that is changing and us residents couldn’t be happier! After a brief stint in the multi storey car park, the Durham Street Food Project has burst forth and made it outside in to The Yard on the river bank under Elvet Bridge

We visited on a glorious Sunday lunch time for a walk and some foodie treats in the heart of our fair city and we were spoiled for choice amongst the traders and live music.

Durham Street Food Project 1

Durham Street Food Project 2

We had BBQ from Smokin’ BBQ who seemed to find Turkey thighs from quite possibly the biggest bloody birds I have ever seen. A fiery chicken Shwarma from the lovely folks at Papa Ganoush as well as a smoked Polish sausage that was so big, we had to share! Of course no matter how full you are, you have room for pudding right? The Doughnut Guy provided sweet treats with Salted Caramel and Pecan doughnuts which were the tastiest dessert that has crossed our lips.

Durham Street Food Project 3

Durham Street Food Project 4

Durham Street Food Project 5

Fat Hippo and Le Petit Creperie also put in an appearance amongst other traders.

You know the one thing that I liked the most? The 2 adjoining bars opened their doors to allow people to eat in the beer gardens while they enjoyed a drink and soaked up the atmosphere. It felt like a real little community and with the weather and the smells, it was like being on an exotic holiday somewhere.

Durham has needed The Durham Street Food Project for a VERY long time so I hope it continues to grow and succeed.


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