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Funky Laser Workshop 3

A few weeks ago the lovely ladies at Funky Laser kindly invited me down to their Hartlepool workshops to learn more about the brand, their fantastic products and services they offer.

Growing from a corner of a spare bedroom in to a laser cutting colossus, as a fellow business woman, I have nothing but respect for the team.

Read on to see what we got up to at the workshop

With a few other bloggers in tow and my blogging bud Vicky ( we were presented with an endless supply of acrylics and a pattern for a feather necklace to replicate. Not going to lie, Vicky and I got there first and snaffled all of the glitters!

Funky Laser Workshop

While chatting with the group, it was such a good atmosphere for making jewellery, if you have a group of friends then it would be a great way to spend an afternoon. I went for red and gold and Vicky went gold and white, we loves us some bling!

Funky Laser Workshop 1

Leah let us loose in the work room to rummage in the glitters and look at all the products they can create and we spent what felt like hours chatting about ideas, snapping Pinterest-worthy pictures and of course, the most important part, we made our very own laser cut acrylic name necklaces. How cool!

Funky Laser Workshop 2

I have bought products like this online before but nothing beats being inches away from the business end of a laser watching it cut out your name!

I have a shopping list as long as my arm now that I have discussed some ideas with the lovely ladies. I don’t know what to order first though, that’s the hardest bit!

Funky Laser Workshop 4

I can safely say it was the best blogger event I have been to in my long time blogging – including blog events I have organised myself for brands!

You can find out more about Funky Laser by visiting their website here.



    • Katie
      15th September 2015 / 8:58 pm

      I was like a kind in a sweet shop, so much glitters!

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