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Guide to Kavos

When you hear the resort name Kavos, do you cringe a little on the inside and think of liquored up stags, rowdy teenagers and club fiends staggering home at 5am?

I bet you didn’t know there was a more laid back, cultural side to Kavos and it’s neighbouring capital city Corfu?

I have teamed up with to bring you an alternative guide to Kavos!

If you have made it all the way to Kavos and feel the hustle and bustle is a bit overpowering, you are truly spoiled for choice when venturing further afield in to Corfu.

Whether you opt for the local KTEL bus, a taxi or even a hire car in less than an hour you can reach the capital – Corfu Town. A UNESCO site since 2007,  the city will provide all your historical and archeological wantings as well as shopping and authentic Greek food. With 3 ports in the town, designed in the most part by Venetians, the neoclassical design is still evident across the Old Town.

Kavos 3

If you like spectacular views while you wine and dine the afternoon away in the sun,the Old Fortress restaurant over looks Garitsa Bay and calls an old Venetian fortress it’s home.

Kavos 2

Closer to base, the annual Celebration of Saint Prokopios is a religious festival led by the Bishop of Corfu which features an full Philharmonic Orchestra performing. Makes a difference from the usual thud thud pumping out from the clubs.

Kavos 1

Taking advantage of the beachfront location, Kavos has miles upon miles of beautiful beaches. If you are a water baby, you might enjoy a trip on the Black Pearl speed boat adventure. A high speed adrenalin rush while dashing on the ocean blue. If that isn’t your style, you could take a family visit to Aqualand. A water activity park with rides for the brave and bold or the more sedate (like me!)


If all this sightseeing and water adventure has given you an appetite, the Kavos restaurants Likourgos Taverna and Roussos Restaurant both provide stunning beach views. Watch the sun set at sea, serenaded by the gentle lapping of waves. Bliss eh!

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