Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo


Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo

It seems like every brand is launching a dry shampoo at the minute doesn’t it? What makes Herbal Essences any different?

Oh just about everything!

The hair care powerhouse has launched a dry shampoo line to rival other brands but by starting small with only 3 varieties (Ignite my colour, Uplifting volume & Clearly Naked), they have smashed it.

I have the Uplifting Volume (£2.99) and Clearly Naked 0% (£2.99) dry shampoos here to show you today and boy am I in love.

With fresh grapefruity citrus scent, the Uplifting Volume shampoo gives your hair the perfect amount of texture for those festival braids and mussed up beach styles while dispensing a clear product. A sure fire way to avoid that dreaded white powdery tinge to your roots – we have all been there with an overzealous application! The fruity fresh scent lingers in your hair all day without being overpowering.

Clearly Naked is a great all round every day dry shampoo; Dye and paraben free, it doesn’t contain any nasties and only has the faintest of gentle scents! It’s great for a mid day boost for flat hair that has gone a bit limp in the heat or more likely, lost it’s finish after being caught in the rain! A firm, good performing all rounder.

I have been using the Volume dry shampoo mostly as a texturizing product through my roots to give a bit of oomph for updo’s  and through the crown on blow dried styles

From both products, I haven’t had the dreaded white roots or sticky powdery build up you can get with other dry shampoos. I don’t know about you but after using most sprays on the market, my scalp just starts to itch and feel loaded down – not with Herbal Essence.

My only gripe is I can’t seem to find them in small handy travel sizes…. Yet. Maybe this would make a great addition to the line up.

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