SleepPhones – Pajamas for your ears

Sleep Phones

Have you ever tried to sleep on a plane wearing over ear headphones or had the uncomfortable pain of wearing ear buds for hours on end? How about listening to something as you drop off to sleep? Can’t get your music to keep up with you when you run? SleepPhones are here to solve all your problems.

Designed, by a sleep deprived Doctor, the SleepPhones start at  £29.99 and are fully RoHS / CE compliant as well being hypoallergenic and washable!

The ear pads are housed in a soft black sweat band with a cord to attach to your tech. It’s long enough to tuck under a pillow or put it in a pocket. You can mix and match the size and colour of the band to suit your needs as well as a wireless version for hands free use.


I have been using my SleepPhones* at night in bed while listening to a relaxation app to help me nod off. The softness of the microfleece means it doesn’t interfere with my sleep and it works as a bonus of keeping my hair out of the way too! Out in public, I have worn them on the train, pushed higher on my head like a headband; and with the logo tucked inside, you’d be none the wiser I was wearing headphones.


For runners these will work well, especially in the colder months, keeping the tunes coming AND keeping your lugs warm all in one go! A running rage has lots of lovely colours in a fabric designed to wick away the sweat and moisture.

The sound quality is really good, not Bose standards of course but much better than I initially anticipated which made wearing them a pleasure as my music enjoyment was not compromised by comfort.

I will most certainly be packing these for my upcoming holiday along with my Ipod for some maximum airplane sleepy time as I will be crammed in to Economy without in-flight entertainment. You can even pull them down and use them as an eye mask too – genius!


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