Winter Warmers from Treacle Moon

Winter Warmers from Treacle Moon

Hello Lovelies, 

In the autumn and winter months, I swap out my light, zingy, citrus scented shower products for warm, comforting, cosy scents.

While trawling Tesco Direct not so long ago, I saw the Treacle Moon winter scents were on special offer so I stocked up on a few bottles of Warm Cinnamon Nights and Warm Apple Pie.

They smell delicious in the bottle and give off a serious lather. The smell lingers well on Paul’s skin but it just doesn’t last on me at all. I don’t mind though as I never like to clash with body products.

The scented foam really fills your bathroom with a warm, relaxing mist while you are washing and that is just so festive and autumnal. Gah, I bloody love this time of year!

For me, the cinnamon nights is for relaxing before bed and apple pie is to wake up in the morning. They also smell epic if you mix them together.

I’ve tried umpteen Philosophy winter scents and I just haven’t been that impressed for the price point, making these Treacle Moon products a more cost effective purchase…. which means you can buy ALLLL the flavours!

Both shower gels are available for their usual price of £2.99 for 500ml.

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