Footner Exfoliating Socks

Footner Exfoliating Socks

Hello Lovelies, 

Don’t worry, there will be no foot photos in this post, I assure you!

On Saturday I endured my 60 minutes of slimy feet time in order to kick off the exfoliating process with Footner.

I have yet to see any of the peeling they promise so I can’t report much but I know a lot of people were keen to hear how I was getting on with them as they too wanted to try them.

The socks themselves are definitely better worn with some tight socks over the top to keep them in place but they are still a bit tricky to walk around in.

They say they fit up to a UK size 11 but as size 7/8 I found they came up very short on the heels but all the way up the top of my foot. 

Don’t know about you but I have more hard skin on my heels than the top of my feet!

Certain parts of my feet now look drier than they were so this might be the start of the peeling. Don’t worry though, the peeling is to be expected.

The socks are £19.99 from Boots. 

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