Grunge Revisited with New Look

Grunge Revisited with New Look

Hello Lovelies,

Back in the 90s, I was all up in the grunge trend. Daria was a role model for the generation and Brittany Murphy’s character in Clueless made grunge fashionable outside of those denim and plaid clad music boys.

If you are, like me, of a certain age and can remember My So Called Life, Angela rocked a pretty mean grunge look throughout the show. Oversized jackets, tartan shirts and even the strangely popular red hair… which I blame on VO5 colour mousse… in pepper if I recall.

I think Grunge is one of those trends that has ever really gone away rather than a true revival. 

If you roll forwards a few year to the All Saints, they were a prime example of a more modern take on Grunge, all baggy jeans, work boots and oversized coats… and let’s not forget the queen of modern grunge herself, Kate Moss.

I have pulled together 2 grunge themed outfits that i’d probably still wear today, certainly more so the dungarees and boots.

For the first outfit, I’d pair this Nirvana Rose Print T Shirt (£14.99) with the dungaree shorts and the Grid Print Shirt (£19.99) open over the top. It is perfect for layering in this changeable weather and you could swap the shorts for full length jeans. I lived in my Cat & Timberland boots and I dare say this is the kind of look that you’d probably still find me sporting, today!

The bottom outfit is a smarter take on the grunge trend. The feminine Floral Print Blouse (£19.99) is really toughened up with the addition of the leather skirt, chunky Faded Denim Jacket (£10)t and Biker Boots (which are currently only £15!!).

Have you embraced the new grunge trend or can you remember it well enough from the first time round?

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