Food Friday : Gooey Camembert and Cranberry Parcels

Food Friday : Gooey Camembert and Cranberry Parcels

This is a super quick and easy week night tea when you are in a rush or when you have impromptu guests and want to dazzle them with something that looks a little more fancy than it is.

The lighting is a bit dim on these, I was cooking at night and I wasn’t going to blog this but it was a spur of the moment decision!

Gooey Camembert and Cranberry Parcels
Serves 4

4 sheets of Filo Pastry
1 Camembert
2 spring onions
Garlic granules / powder
Olive Oil
Cranberry Sauce
To Serve
Salad of your choice
Food processor
Frying Pan
Fish slice / spatula

In the food processor, add the spring onions and garlic granules and blitz until very fine.
Remove the wrapping and rind from the Camembert and add straight to the processor. Blitz until the onions and garlic are well mixed and a creamy gooey mass is formed.

For each person, lay your filo sheet out flat and fold in half to make a rectangle. Spoon 1tsp of Cranberry sauce gently on to the end of the pastry sheet. Be careful when you do this as if you put it in the wrong spot you will probably tear your pastry trying to move it!
Spoon  ΒΌ of the cheese mixture on top of the cranberry

Begin rolling in to a parcel shape. On your first roll, use the weight of your hands to flatten out the cheese. Half way down, tuck the sides in and carry on rolling until you are done. Tucking the sides in stops any nasty surprises in the frying pan!

Put 1tbsp of olive oil in to your frying pan on a high heat and then gently lower your parcels in to the pan using a fish slice to avoiding tearing.

Once colour has initially formed on both sides, lower the heat and continue to cook until the flat sides are crispy and brown.

Serve while still hot with a salad of your choice. Here I went for a loose Moroccan inspired cous cous and rocket salad with chargrilled peppers, tomatoes, celery and spring onion tossed with sesame oil, lemon juice and ras el hanout.

I think I really need to plan in advance when I am going to cook for the camera and prepare the lighting and styling a little better…. But I guess it is more realistic to another every day cook.

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