Superdry SS ’14 Bags

Superdry SS ’14 Bags

Hello Lovelies,

On Saturday, while in a lengthy queue in Superdrug in the Metro Centre, I found myself absent mindedly staring in to Superdry opposite.

Now I’m not going to lie, I am not in their key demographic and I am pretty pleased of that but my God, every single bag I could see had my heart fluttering and my purse quaking. This is by no means a sponsored post, just a genuine shock discovery. I still don’t like the clothes or the chavs of the north east who are bedecked in Superdry.

After a quick mooch over and then a proper look online, I am shocked to see a great summery selection of bags.

From utilitarian rucksacks for travels, jelly shoppers for the beach, cute totes for every day nautical nods to a satchel with a heritage nod.

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

Below, I have curated my favourite picks of the bags ready for spring, summer and beyond!

Row 1
Star Montana Backpack   |   £34.99
Jelly Whopper Shopper   |   £27.99

Row 2
Super Satchel   |   £44.99
All Star Mini Icarus   |   £39.99

Row 3
Brighton Tote   |   £29.99
Montana Tote   |   £19.99
Row 4
Star Haversack   |   £29.99
Shopper Bag   |   £22.99

All bags available from with free delivery.

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