Pampering with Montagne Jeunesse – Black Seaweed Masque

Pampering with Montagne Jeunesse – Black Seaweed Masque

Hello Lovelies,

Every now and then I take 20 minutes to myself and have a bit of a pampering session. On with a hair mask, a lovely deep cleanse and massage followed by a facemask and some moisturiser to lock in all those benefits. I personally prefer individual sachet masks and sheet masks to pots as I find them more hygienic, easier to use, store and you can pick + mix a nice selection.

I have recently been using Montagne Jeunesse’s Black Seaweed Peel Off Masque*. Priced at a very respectable £1 you can pick these masks up everywhere from Boots to Superdrug to your nearest supermarket.

Made from Welsh black seaweed and crushed Buckthorn berries, the masque will deeply cleanse and remove dirt and grease.
The mask is a potent and treacley substance that you cover your face in with trepidation. Lightly scented and light in texture, the mask spreads easily and dries to a set very quickly. After 20 minutes I peeled the mask off with satisfying vigour. The mask peels off easily and anything you can’t peel off can have removed with Micellar water or make up remover.
This may give you nightmares!!!

 My skin feels clean, more even and smoother in texture, the high colour in my cheeks had diminished slightly and my oilier T-zone has been balanced. The pores on my nose don’t look as congested either. As regular readers know, I have extremely sensitive skin but I had absolutely no reaction or breakout from this mask. I thoroughly recommend you picking up a couple of sachets to treat yourself over this long Easter weekend!
Also available from Montagne Jeunesse are heating masks, sheet masks, foot masks, hand masques and hair masks as well as a nice range for men too. My personal favourite is the Hot Miracle cherry hair mask.
Do you have a favourite Montagne Jeunesse mask? What other brands should I try next?

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* Provided by brand

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