Gumleaf Clothing Wide Fit Wellies

Gumleaf Clothing Wide Fit Wellies

Hello Lovelies,

In part 2 of my wide fit wellies feature, I want to show you some wellies from a brand you might not be familiar with. Gumleaf Clothing.

Gumleaf Clothing, created by Alistair and Louise Paterson, was born out of necessity as the couple are working farmers. Being out in the field for that lengh of time in all weathers made them realise they need clothes that can handle what mother nature can throw at us while still looking classically styled.

Company owners Louise + Alistair, joined by their working dogs Doogle and Fly

In this installment, I have the Viking Wide Calf Gusset Wellingtons to show you. The Viking wellies are proper, well made, fit for purpose pieces. No fashion colours, no flowers and no wedge heels. Fully functioning, super high quality and oh so comfortable.

Made from a tough, resilient natural rubber and lined with a 4mm neoprene material these boots keep the warmth in and the water out which is ideal. Combined with a 5mm neoprene sole, it feels like you are walking in slippers. This is just what you need for wellie wear!


Now for the pictures. We had a bit of a mishap with these. We took them off over the fells for a walk and then off shooting, taking some really scenic photos…. somehow the memory card corrupted and I was left with zilch so a quick wash of the boots and we were off in to my Mams huge garden to resurrect the photos!

Walking over gravel, you don’t feel a thing thanks to the thick rubber sole and neoprene cushioning
In ankle deep mud and water, there is no seepage or leaks
With these boots, you get excellent grip on wet ground
Whether in town or country, the Gumleaf boots are just as wearable as other, more “fashion” well known welly brands

These wellies are fantastic. Whilst not as wide fitting as the Jileon boots, by a fair way, they are still expandable to a very decent size via the gusset at the back meaning you can still tuck your pants in. 

I think these boots have out performed by long standing favourites from Le Chameau and at a fraction of the price, I wholeheartedly recommend you check these out.

Gumleaf Viking wellies are available directly from Gumleaf or via the Jileon website, where they have measurements for the boots.

I discussed my size requirements directly with Gumleaf and the sales support staff were incredibly helpful in ensuring I got the right fit. Another fine example of excellent customer service from a UK brand. Perfect!

Have you got any favourite wide fit wellies?
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  1. 13th November 2013 / 9:47 am

    Totally agree… i bought a pair of these. I got them from the Jileon website after googling for wide fit wellies. If i’d have gone to the Gumleaf site and contacted them they may have helped me with the sizing. I am usually a 5.5 size but usually go up for comfort and for wellies to add a thick sock. Dont need thick socks with these wellies. I suffer from cold feet all the time but these wellies are super toasty. I believe i could have got away with a size 5 in these really. Very very comfy and super grip. Totally what i was looking for. Dont even feel scruffy when im wearing them, last weekend went shopping in them as id come straight in from dog walking and didnt have time to change but i felt great in them. I’d definitely recommend them and give a full 100% rating. 🙂

    • Katie -
      13th November 2013 / 1:34 pm

      Thanks for your comment, it’s good to know i’m not the only one enjoying their Gumleaf boots

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