Wall art featuring Purdey Shotguns, Elvis + Route 66!

Wall art featuring Purdey Shotguns, Elvis + Route 66!

Hello Lovelies,   

 As you can probably tell, I like to steer away from mainstream style and current trends where possible and that certainly applies to my home décor too. My kitchen and dining room is currently a very bright lime green colour, off set by dark walnut units, a large black fridge, a walnut table and black leather chairs. The flooring is black + white check with sparkly black bits. On the wall above my dining table, I have covered it in my favourite home wares obsession – retro and vintage tin signs. Tying in with accessories around the kitchen, I adore my vintage style diner set up. It is very fitting to our tastes and it bucks the trend of what is expected.

  The Route 66 plaque is actually from Route 66, Kingman Arizona to be precise. The waitress decal was custom made from an Ebay seller and I just couldn’t resist. The Kit-Cat clock (a gift from Paul) is a nod to the Back to the Future films, where it features in the opening scenes of the first film. The calendar is Banksy as I love is work.  

  The beautiful James Purdey & Sons sign is my most recent purchase, as a gift for Paul. It’s a repro vintage image advertising the world famous gun makers. Whilst it is not an official Purdey item, we do own other pieces from their accessories range so I have no problems in owning this. It is a nod to our country ties, particularly our shooting and the fact I am a born + bred country girl.

My collection of wall art does spread further than the first photo but this is the best photo I could get. It is a GREAT conversation piece for guests as they spend ages looking at each piece and it is nice that friends spot plaques and vintage signs and help to add to my collection!

Do you buck the home décor trends or do you follow seasonal trends and update your home style?

Send me your links if you have done a home tour blog post! 

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  1. 1st October 2013 / 11:52 am

    You should host a blogger through the keyhole series! I love your kitchen art and would like to see more rooms please 🙂

    • Katie - www.ladyfromatramp.co.uk
      1st October 2013 / 11:59 am

      Oooft, that would require tidying more than one room 😉

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