Regatta Waterproof Jacket from Simply Be

Regatta Waterproof Jacket from Simply Be

Hello Lovelies,  

On my pay day shopping trip around the interweb, I spotted a gorgeous belted waterproof coat from Regatta at Simply Be (£90). 

For Regatta to be bringing out plus size lines is just great as it is seriously hard to find ladies coats like this in big sizes without having to resort to a mans version in an outdoor shop.

Belted, with a removable fleece inner jacket, this is an absolute beauty. 

The herringbone and style reminds me of an old school heritage Barbour jacket.     



I think I need it but I need to sneak it in to the house as Mr T will kill me as I’ve just bought a new winter tweed and a new Barbour jacket… as well as 2 blazers. Ooops. Shopping ban?!

If you are looking for waterproof coats you can try Simply Be or even directly from Regatta as they appear to go up to a UK size 36.
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* I have not been paid or received any incentive to write this post from either brand. I saw it, I liked it. Simples.

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