Come join me at Keepers Mate

Come join me at Keepers Mate

 Hello Lovelies,  

I am very proud to announce that I have become a contributor for premier source for Gamekeepers, Beaters and Guns. 

 I shoot, I am not going to hide this fact, regardless of others views on it, I don’t think Clay disks have feelings?

Over on Keepers Mate I will be providing a womans touch with look books, product reviews, recommendations and whatever else comes my way.

I truly feel it is important to make a stand as a woman in a heavily male dominated sport and get us recognised as a lot of products or clothing is just not suitable for women. 

Paul giving my Mam some pointers about eye dominance!

Mam dusting her first clay in about 10yr

Country sports have been a part of my life for a very long time, whether it is shooting, dog trials or fishing, I am usually there! I have shared a couple of pictures before of us off roading so as much as I am obsessed with fashion + beauty, I certainly have some very abstract interests.

Ombre and New Look knitwear!

A Browning semi-automatic

I will be interspersing my reviews and articles here, on as well as over on Keepers Mate but don’t worry, my usual content isn’t going anywhere!

Anyways, big happy cheers for me being a contributor right?!


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