Hair Heroes

Hair Heroes

I thought I’d share with you today some of my favourite hair treats at the moment. Good hair care to me is paramount, especially as I am a natural blonde bleached up to platinum. Nourishing, replenishing and SLS free as far as possible. I try out LOTS of hair products from high end to supermarket so this is my current group of favourites.

Bonacure Colour Freeze SLS free

This shampoo lathers well for an SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) free shampoo which is good as I tend to over-apply non foaming shampoos which is naughty I know but I feel oddly reassured by foam! It doesn’t trigger my sensitive scalp and leaves my hair feeling clean and healthy, even when overloaded with styling product. It doesn’t dull hair colour, hence the name and helps me keep a fresh colour, whether it’s blonde or my recent neon additions


Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 
£1 – Poundland

This shampoo rocks my world. I try to keep SLS free as often as I can but sometimes it’s just not that easy so this Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo for dry & damaged hair is a god send. Cleaning my product laden hair without making it feel stripped or straw like, it leaves a nice feint coconut tropical scent which always reminds me of holidays (because I always take this with me) I can’t ask for more for a £1 shampoo. Yes, that’s right, it’s always in Poundland so I stock up a few bottles at a time. Mr T also likes to use this and the matching conditioner which is also an utter bargain for a high street budget friendly conditioner.

 Joico Kpak Intense Hydrator

I use this every other wash. No real reason for this routine but at this price, I like to eek it out and make it last! My hair is left silky smooth and feeling ridiculously healthy after using this. I can’t get enough! Great for dry / damaged / sensitised hair. I do always follow it up with a smidge of the Deep Repair Masque conditioner too though just on the ends to make sure I’m well protected.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

This is my ‘every day’ conditioner. I know it’s quite expensive but your hair is your crowning glory! I use it sparingly but get amazing results from this. I also use this overnight or all day once a week and for ‘special occasions’ when I want my hair to look and feel at its very very best with a double dose of deep down repair if my DIY Olive Oil treatment isn’t feasible.

You can quite often pick this up in TK Maxx or websites like Cheap Smells etc

Macadamia Healing Oil Therapy Treatment

I first discovered this as a small sample in a beauty box ages ago and fell in love straight away. I find you need to use a fraction of the amount you’d use of Moroccan Oil and the results are slightly better. Perfect for pre-styling and as a finishing oil on dry ends and scrunched in to curls. When combined with my Deep Repair masque and my Babyliss big hair, the results are a gorgeous glossy luxe bouncy blow dry with well maintained ends. Perfect!

Again, you can find this in TK Maxx or Cheap Smells etc from time to time. I personally buy this in the tiny small bottles as you don’t need to worry about decanting for travels and gym bags.
Thanks to my hair heroes, my hair is super slinky soft, shiny and glossy… which is no easy trick considering how processed my hair is!

What are your holy grail hair products?



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