Free DIY Designer Bracelets

Free DIY Designer Bracelets

Hello Lovelies,

Today, I have a budget friendly way to rock some high end genuine designer jewellery without busting the bank! Bonus!

Read on for the tutorial…..

Have you ever found your jean pockets / carry bag stuffed full of those high end designer perfume ribbons after a day of sniffing perfumes?

An abundance of those Chanel ribbons from the packaging? (guilty)

I usually use mine, and the aftershave versions, to scent our linen cupboard or drawers.


Well today I’m going to give you a great way to use them – bracelets!

It’s such a simple concept, really too simple to even have to explain the concept!

Take some of the said ribbons.. tie around your wrist and voila, high end bracelets for free!

I also quite like to tie my Chanel ones around as pony tail to add an extra little luxe twist without having to buy crappy, poorly made fake pieces from ebay!

These would add a great high end feel to a festival or holiday outfit without fear of losing it!

What do you do with your ribbons? Let me know!


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