Man Man Manly Man

Man Man Manly Man

Hello Lovelies,

Ok, so I might be channelling the Two & a half men theme tune but today I wanted to talk to you about men. Everyones favourite subject right?

 Yesterday saw an interesting article posted on the Daily Mail (Daily Fail) about John Lewis’s newest menswear model – Johnny Harrington. On clicking in to the article I was presented with a manly looking male model, unlike nothing you’d imagine selling high end highstreet clothes. Johnny intrigued me, pulled me in. Piqued my interests if you will.

I was thoroughly impressed that this strapping, manly, rugged looking chap was selling clothes that my husband, a 30yr old ‘manly man’ would want to wear, based on the fact that a rough and tough looking fella was modelling them rather than an 18yr old stereotypical male model. Yes, we all know the type I mean.

I polled Mr Tramp and a few friends, varying from the rugged of rugged to the preened of the preened and there was a VERY strong divide on opinions on Johnny. The more ‘manly’ men of the group all favoured Johnny’s campaign with quotes such as
 “He looks like he has a story to tell”
“He’s wordly wise looking”
“Check out that f&%$^& beard, I WANT ONE!!!”
while the more high fashion super groomed folks thought he looked dishevelled and made the clothes unappealing.

I can see it from both side. No one wants to buy in to the clothing ideal, to be wanting an outfit worn by someone they cannot identify with but I absolutely commend John Lewis for bringing in a new flavour to their male models.


What does astound me is some of the rude, unpleasant and just down right ludicrous comments I have seen made about the advert and about Johnny himself. So he has a beard and long hair, that makes him any less of a person how? Exactly. Just because he isn’t covered in St Tropez with eyebrows plucked to within an inch of their life, doesn’t mean he CAN’T be a male model. Think of all the unconventionally beautiful female models out there! Just because someone has a beard and long hair, does that automatically mean they don’t care about grooming? Er no.

Hats off to John Lewis and to Johnny for breaking the mold and I truly hope this sees an increase in the diversity of the male modelling world. More manly men please!!!


And just for my own personal benefit…. Here are my 2 favourite bearded hotties…..

Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings.

Yes so I’m slightly biased, cars & hotties… I wonder how much flights to Texas are?…..


What do you think of the new John Lewis campaign? Are you a fan of a manly man? Let me know!


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  1. 22nd February 2013 / 9:28 am

    I would rather see mens clothes worn by a mans man than by a man who is so sculpted he looks like a lady.

    I love a beard and although I think Johnny Harrington looks a little bit scruffy he wears the clothes well and they look appealing.

    • Katie at
      22nd February 2013 / 9:43 am

      I’m glad i’m not the only one.

  2. 22nd February 2013 / 3:13 pm

    Agree with Daniella, i hate those male models who like like a girl showcasing clothes for men, i really like this new campaign John Lewis.

  3. 1st March 2013 / 1:02 am

    I love a man with a beard 🙂

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