A pocket money challenge……

Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I was asked to take part in a fantastic MoneySuperarket challenge which involved celebrating those little moments in life when you find that spare £5 in the back pocket of your purse or the extra £1 you needed to pay for your takeaway down the back of the sofa.

My husband, Mr Tramp, is an inherent saver but I am a bugger for spending every single penny I have and I love nothing more than spoiling my loved ones.

In the vein of this challenge, I knew instantly what I wanted to spend my £20 ‘loose change’ on. I wanted to spoil my Mother and give her a gift she wouldn’t buy herself or even think of. If you remember, I bought her the gorgeous Links of London necklace back in September too.

I scoured discount code websites and finally found a great online discount for printer canvas photos. I used www.photobox.co.uk to make a photo canvas of a photo of my Dad & I from my wedding day for my Mam to keep as a momento now that my Dad is no longer with us.

I know my Mam doesn’t have that many photos of the family together but I thought this was a great idea and very, very touching. Don’t you agree?

The canvas hasn’t arrived back yet so I can’t show you the actual finished article but I will show you a snippet of the photo used.

What would you spend £20 on? Treat yourself? Treat someone else? Save it for a rainy day?

Let me know what you’d do and what you think of my gift!


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