Dr Renaud Hydrating Raspberry Soft Mask

Dr Renaud Hydrating Raspberry Soft Mask

Hello Lovelies,

I will hold my hands up, with real life getting in the way of my blog life and the pressures put on me, I have neglected trying this product to it’s fullest.

My poor skin has been looking appallingly dry, dehydrated and sallow of late so I thought enough enough and on with the mask! Applying the mask is an absolute delight.

The light, fruity scent is very natural and not overpoweringly synthetic and is a cooling, thick, creamy formula. Not too unlike rubbing a posh yoghurt on your face… in the nicest possible way – honest. It’s lovely!

I left the mask on for the full recommended time and then rinsed off. What was left behind was plump, hydrated skin that had lost that horrid grey tinge to it!

Thankfully, being hypersensitive, I have not had any reactions to the mask nor any breakouts as this doesn’t have any harsh astringents or purifying properties that would draw the nasties out of hiding.

I am very careful about what kind of face products I use, and rightly so, but this definitely gets a stamp of approval for sensitive skin that’s lacking in lustre. You can buy the Dr Renauds mask on the Dr Renaud website for £19.45 and also on the M&S website, but it is slightly more expensive but if you’re putting an order in for clothes, why not! Worth every single penny!


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