A Spook-tacular night with Red Herring Games & Radisson Blu

A Spook-tacular night with Red Herring Games & Radisson Blu

Happy Halloween my not-so-gruesome ghouls ,

Last Friday, Mother Tramp and I took ourselves along to our local Radisson Blu hotel for their Halloween themed Murder Mystery night. When I first saw this advertised I was gutted I couldn’t go as I would be in New York but through a cruel twist of fate, I found myself at a free end as a result of a cancelled holiday. What better way to cheer me and Mam up eh?
I have been to a few of these events before but as it was my Mams first time, it was super exciting all over again. It also helped that the excelled Red Herring Games were running the event (@redherringgames).

We were greeted by witches and ghosts and of course, trick or treat sweet goodies, props and of course, a dead body – Poor Seymour! The cast of actors thoroughly immersed themselves in to their characters and I must say, Inspector Dirk N Stormy was rather handsome – He can arrest me any day! Ooo-er!
As the evening progressed around the 3 course meal, we were given 5 scenes to watch to base our suspicions on and then given the chance to interact with the actors to grill them for their motives. Now I must admit, I’ve never got a murderer right yet, I think I have too much of an overactive imagination but this time, BOOM! Mam and I sniffed out the culprit and won! Couldn’t believe it! Super Sleuths, although I think we are more like Monk than Sherlock Holmes!
As a proud winner, we were given a great big huge certificate and a bottle of wine! If I had known this before, I’d have put more effort in to trying to win previous ones!
The function room was set up with 13 large tables seating around 10 people each so it’s a great fun night out if you are looking for something to do with colleagues or a birthday. The organisational skills of the Radisson staff do leave a LOT to be desired but needless to say we managed to rescue our evening and of course… we went on to win! Huzzah! Don’t worry about not being able to hear the action, this is the first event I have been to that I have seen microphones and mic packs used by the actors, a very professional touch and it really helped everyone be involved without missing a single word!

The obligatory Monster Mash end to the evening!
This isn’t the first time I have been to a Red Herring Games night and it certainly wont be the last. The effort and thought that goes in to each of these ‘plays’ is just outstanding and well worth the cost of the evening.
At the Radisson, I paid £29 per person which included a 3 course meal and the entertainment, as well as a disco afterwards. My only slight criticism (other than the lack lustre organisation) was the lack of dialogue with the waiting staff. They didn’t tell us what food they were giving us, whether it was vegetarian or not etc. Now the pea and ham soup was some of the most delicious I have ever had, but the beef, well I think it was beef was just.. blah. The accompaniments were a bit blah too. I would have liked to have been told of a vegetarian offering. Probably just small niggles after working as a chef and expecting high standards from the Radisson.
Of course, the venue was nothing to do with the quality of the event provided by Jo and her players.
If you ever get the chance to go to a Red Herring evening (check their website for events) or any other murder mystery, I whole heartedly recommend you book up. They are a fantastic night of fun!
My only advice is… do your research. Find out who is performing and have a quick squizz for some reviews on them!

Enjoy the rest of your Halloween!


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  1. 31st October 2012 / 4:29 pm

    Sounds and looks amazing! I’ve always fancied going to something like this but wasn’t sure if it was worth the money, I will definitely be booking up next time I see one advertised.

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