What Katie Did #28

What Katie Did #28

Hello Lovelies, 

An early one for me, but as they say, the early bird catches the worm!

And I’ve been up since 4am for the 2nd day in a row. Saturday morning was due to some chav shennanigans in my sleepy little village, some lad was off his face on something and passed out in the street then reawoke raging, queue 2hrs of his mates and parents trying to calm him down, pin him down, drag him home and then finally 2 police cars, a riot van and an ambulance turned up!  Worrying thing was, in his addled state, he’d wandered in to my cul de sac and decided to sit on my front door step! Not cool folks, NOT COOL!

Last night, after a very lovely day at the races with Mr Tramp & my lovely friend Laura, Mr Tramp was up again praying to the porcelain gods, roaring like a dinosaur. And with that mental image well ingrained, i’ll skip on to something else!

I started my new job this week. It was a great new start and although there’s a LOT to learn and take in, I think it’s going to be awesome. After 9yr with my previous employer, a fresh start and new challenge is just what I need! The fun part of a new job is buying lots and lots of new work clothes though so that’s been super fun!

Of course, Ladies Day was extra fun too. I’ve never actually been to the proper races before. Being a country bumpkin i’ve seen lots of racing…. just not wearing a dress and hat! Mr Tramp and I were joined by my friend Laura and we hung out in the cool Metrocentre marquee, watching the fashion shows, chatting to the traders on the day…. oh my, I wanted to buy all the Biba bags! During the fashion show, i’m not going to lie, Mr T enjoyed the ladies in the skimpy Boux Avenue & La Senza goodies and us ladies were treated to 2 gorgeous male models in their tight pants doing a very fine wiggle wiggle wiggle to LMFAO’s Sexy song. What a treat!

Needless to say, Laura and Mr Tramp ended up very drunk and I was stone cold sober as usual. It made the drive home extra taxing. Especially as they were trying to decant red wine in to a water bottle while doing 70 on the motorway! *shakes head*

On with the pictures, i’ve waffled enough.

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  1. 29th July 2012 / 7:52 pm

    Oh dear, I hate being the sober one with drunks. So annoying. I hope you get more sleep tonight.

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