Tanatomicals Instant Spray Tan In A Can

Tanatomicals Instant Spray Tan In A Can

Hello Lovelies, 

Some weeks I just don’t have time to tan… in fact this is most weeks. Work comes first for me and that sometimes means by the time I get home super late, I whip my make up off and flop straight in to bed leaving no time for tricky tan applications.

On hectic weeks like this, I always make sure I bronze up using an instant bronzer on both my face and any bodypart that will be on show. Over the years, I have tried lots of different instant bronzers but very few I have stuck with. Until I tried Tanatomicals.

If you have ever discounted the brand as too gimmicky, from their quirky fun names alone, then I strongly recommend you check it out. The instant spray tan in a can retails for £6.99 in a great big 150ml can which even on daily use, lasts me ages!

The product sprays finely and evenly without leaving any great big globs of brown on the skin, which when you are pushed for time, is reassuring to know! The colour on the skin is a lovely shade that always compliments my own natural tan (I hold on to proper tan really well) without looking fake or artificial.

As the product isn’t a fake tan, there is no tell tale biscuit smell or worries that you have missed a bit as you can see and adjust accordingly.. The best bit is if you have mucked it up, a wet flannel or a quick hose down with the shower means the tan is off and you can start again.

My tip for applying this to your face is to apply your full make up first and then lightly mist over the top as I personally found applying it first and then doing my make up just covered up the healthy glow meaning I then had to apply twice as much to start with. Applying it over my foundation means it gives a lovely sunkissed look.

I have been trying out some other products from the Tanatomicals line so keep an eye out for those reviews coming soon!


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