Blink Brow Bar Newcastle

Blink Brow Bar Newcastle

Hello Lovelies,

Recently, I toddled off with Daniella to get our eyebrows threaded in the super luxurious beauty retreat within John Lewis Newcastle*. Having been shown how to thread my own eyebrows by a moroccan family member… this was my first foray in to proper threading.

I’m not going to lie, I made Daniella go first as I’m a pain wimp when it comes to other people inflicting it on me! Soon it was my time to settle back in to the barber style chair. I got a bit of the terror sweats going on but I soon calmed down!

The actual threading itself was pretty pain free to be honest. I was very surprised. That is about the only positive thing I can say I’m afraid. The threading treatment costs £17 and takes 10-15 minutes.

I said I just wanted to tidy up the shape I had which was perfect for my face and waxed in by the Benefit staff. I have very fair blonde brows that are very sparse even when I’ve grown them out, like I had for this occasion. Maybe with the therapist not being a geordie, she didn’t understand what I was asking for.

The therapist then started work and once she had done one eye, she showed me with a mirror. In the set up in the Beauty Retreat, you are directly underneath an almost floodlight strength length so I found it almost impossible to actually see what she had done, without getting up. With a bit of shading of the light with my other hand, I let her carry on with the other eye. Again, asked to check the results but the light + fair brows meant it was next to useless while reclined.

Following my threading the therapist applied a cooling type gel and gave me a really really good mini facial massage with firm head holding. Oh my this bit was so good it gave me shivers down my spine and thoroughly not expected for the price!

The therapist then applied a brow pencil to fill in / draw my eyebrows back on after the treatment, this was quite badly done but, I must admit. To get them tinted costs £12, making a full threading and tinting a whopping £29.

One thing I was very disappointed at, and I know it’s not necessarily Blink’s fault… a lot of my make up had been removed by the wipe down / finishing product so I was left with a very red brow, bare forehead and smudged shadow (from holding my lid). I wasn’t actually aware of this and hadn’t factored this in so didn’t take up touch up products to my appointment with me! Thankfully one of the wonderful Clarins ladies offered to re-do my make up for me on their station within the Beauty Retreat but I made do with a couple dabs of pressed powder!

It would have been nice had the brows been powdered in, using a powder product rather than draw back in with a pencil or pre-warned about the make up potentially being removed. Maybe I have been spoiled by Benefit who will re-do the make up they have removed so you can continue your day with a normal face.

The finished results were actually insanely smooth, my brow bone is NEVER as smooth with waxing and the redness didn’t last very much past 10/15 minutes unlike waxing which leaves me red for a long time. Sadly, on closer inspection after removing all my make up and re-applying my brows myself, one eyebrow is ridiculously too thin and is half the width of the other one… and neither brow follow the perfect shape that was already present. I look quizzically surprised and I’m quite annoyed by this, but what can you do once the hairs gone – nothing, so no point complaining really.

For my first venture in to threading, I was impressed with the actual process, just not the therapist, the aftercare or the actual shaping of my eyebrows. It hasn’t put me off threading, or Blink… I will just do my research better to find a different therapist or be very, explicitly detailed when explaining what I want.

In future, I think I will be sticking to Benefit who do a wax and dye for £18.

Have you ever had your eyebrows threaded or do you prefer to tweeze or wax?

* Using a voucher a gift voucher


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  1. Anonymous
    17th October 2012 / 3:15 pm

    Yes I’ve been to Blink once in Harvey Nichols and I won’t be going back again! They ruined my eyebrows dreadfully! The therapist had poor hygiene and was brutal! That was the first and last time with Blink, Never again! It bled with scratches near my eyebrows and lip where they threaded and I came out in spots on my eyebrows and upper lip. They didn’t listen to me once when I showed signs of discomfort. I won’t be going back, they are dreadful!

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