A Spotlight on….. Jo from Bold n bella

A Spotlight on….. Jo from Bold n bella

Hello Lovelies, 

Firstly, thank you so much for being patient due to the missing week last week. I’m sure if you saw my What Katie Did post, it goes a little way to explain the gap.

Anyways, this week I have a fantastic blogger for you. 

Jo, owner of Bold ‘n’ Bella is a great Twitter-buddy and now officially my dealer…. dealer of Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunkies that is!!

If I want nail inspiration or just to find new shades and buy, Jo’s blog, along with Helen’s are the first places I hit. Jo has also recently been a mecca of all things ‘mummy porn’ related, giving her readers an insight in what to hunt down now you’ve read the 50 shades of Grey books which you can see here in this post

And here is the gorgeous lady herself, Twitters leading expert on mummy porn 😉

Q : Tell us a little bit about your blog(s) and why you started it /them

My blog was initiallya place for me to ramble about all things pretty…but it has turned into a nail polish haven! I have been fixated with polish since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so I love having a place I can talk about it amongst like minded people!

Q : What is your favourite part of blogging?

I love the interaction with other blog writers and readers – mostly through Twitter.  I have found a group of people with similar interests that I would not have had any access to had I not have started blogging

Q : What is your least favourite part?

I often read “sorry I haven’t blogged for a while” posts in my reader and the truth is, it shouldn’t be an issue – you should blog whenever you like. So my least favourite part is that I feel bad for not posting often as others as it is seen as a bad thing in the blogging community.

Q : If you could go back to the time you started your blog, what would you do differently?

Without hesitation…..I would give it a different name. I was in a bit of a rush to get started one I’d realised blogs existed and I gave my blog the name “Bold N Bella” which is a bit of an inside joke and play on words related to an old used of Joannabella

Q : What advice could you give to new bloggers just starting their blogging adventure?

Just chill and do what you feel is right for you!! and don’t worry about follower numbers, I have what’s considered to be a low number of followers, yet they’re all fab at giving me feedback and chatting on Twitter.  It’s supposed to be for fun don’t you know….

Q : What’s your shopping style – Budgeted, splurge or frugal? Do you ever shop solely with your blog in mind?

I have bought the occasional nail polish with a particular blog post of nail design in mind yes.  But mostly I would say I shop on a budget where possible, though some of the higher end products do make it into my life.  If I had the money I would buy the contents of Debenhams, but I don’t, so I like to strike a happy balance.

Q : What are your favourite brands and why?

I love Ted Baker – the funky colours and textures they use are really up my street!

I like Wella VERY much for hair, especially their professional range from the hairdressers, I will always ALWAYS look at Benefit, but don’t often buy, I love their packaging and  sense of humour!  I’m also a massive fan of Soap and Glory, but I’m open to try anything new and not focussed on any brand in particular!

Q : Do you take inspiration from the media or do you go it alone and rock your own style?

I don’t ever consider myself to have a “style” at all! But since blogging I do take a lot of inspiration from other peoples outfit posts!

Q : What would you say your ‘signature look’ is, whether that’s make up or fashion?

Umm….my friends would say that my signature look is all about nail polish!! I’m often tempted to wear clothes that match a pretty polish, rather than the other way round!

Right… now on to the more interesting questions – The personal ones. These are the ones I always wonder about bloggers!


Q : How old are you?

27 years young

Q : What do you do? Student? Work? Profession?

Paraplanner and Trainee Financial Planner

Q : What do you like to do when you aren’t blogging?

Shopping, socialising, chilling at home, obsessing over my cats and posting pics on instagram!

Q : What kind of music do you like?

A massive variety, but I’m a cringey fan of show tunes, as I used to sing in concerts, competitions and in a group so I like a good old sing a long!

Q : Happy to be seen bare faced or do you always wear make up?

Happy to be bare faced at work – as I work within a small family firm, I don’t get “seen” often…but when I go out I always have mascara and concealer on at the very least!

Q : What do you love most about beauty and fashion?

I love how harmless it is to be addicted to products….we’re not causing anyone ANY harm by obsessing about products, pots and polishes!

Q : What do you hate most about beauty and fashion?

The big “skinny is beautiful” debate!

And finally… the biggy…..

Q : If you had to invest in 1 designer piece… money no object…. would it be a pair of shoes, a handbag or a dress? I want to see pictures!!!

1 designer piece….I have written this twice, because before last week it was these…..

Ted Baker pink bow pumps – £50….but now, next on my hit list is the Apapane quilted clutch – £69

I realise I could have gone crazy here, but these are genuinely my fave things at the moment! 

Folks, I hope you have enjoyed learning more about the lovely Jo. If you or your bloggy friends would like to be involved with this feature, please do get in touch in either the comments below or the contact me tab at the top.



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  1. 13th July 2012 / 11:42 am

    Aww thanks mrs! Sorry for the typos!
    Hope you’ve found some peanut butter kitkats near you!

    If not though – let me know 🙂

    Jojo x

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