A bloggers guide to Photography – Part 4

A bloggers guide to Photography – Part 4

Hello Lovelies, 

Are you a blogger in photographic despair!? Fret no more, you can take your own decent photos….yes you can!

Do you enjoy updating your blog with your latest fashion purchase or your newest make up range? Do you love flashing your new sneaks to the world wide web but never quite feel that your doing them any justice? Well don’t fear, the ‘how to’ guide is here. Whether you’re a brand spanking new beginner at picking up a digital camera or a seasoned amateur, my aim is to point you in the right direction to take some pretty decent shots to flash on your blog and show off your beloved items as best you can!  

Week 4 – Focusing

Lastly, this week, whatever you’re photographing, make sure you are focusing on the important bits. If it’s a self portrait or a make up example, focus on the eyes. If it’s a brand, focus on the text. People need to be directed to what is important in the shot.

I hope these tips help you to improve, but remember, these are not hard and fast rules. They are there to be broken, however it’s always best to get to grips with them before you can experiment artistically.

Sarah x

(Little Dot Photography)


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