What Katie Did #19

What Katie Did #19

Hello Lovelies,

Have you all been enjoying the gorgeous sun? I’ve been stealing some sneaky time off this weekend from my projects and (safely) basking in the sunlight. Bliss! I tan very very easily so I’ve been topping up my tan. Mr Tramp is sadly whiter than white and goes lobster pink before returning to white.

It’s been quite quiet in Tramp Towers this week until it got to the weekend and it seems like we have done nothing but entertain, socialise and eat out (Boo for the diet!). Speaking of diets, I lost a fantastical 4.5lb this week and I am a mere 0.5lb from my next big stone milestone… I doubt this weekend has helped reach that though but hey, I’ve done so well, I deserve to have a good time and even though we ate out, I picked the best, healthiest choices each time. Yes I’m on a diet but it’s not dictating how I live my life!

Our two gorgeous friends got married on Saturday and it was amazing to watch them celebrate their big day. It made us quite nostalgic for our wedding, almost 6yr ago! Blimey! The highlight of the wedding had to be one of the grooms friends. He is a professional and much sought after Jaws lookalike and he very kindly posed the night away wearing some insanely impressive metalwork in his gob. The picture below is grainy as hell as it’s from my phone!

Today has seen Mr T and I head in to our city, Durham, to have a belated birthday celebration with Mr T’s Dad and partner. The day was spent soaking up the inner city sun in quite possibly the most beautiful city in the country (I’m a bit biased though). We had drinks in a beer garden watching the world go by before having lunch in the delicious Fat Buddha before more drinks. Such a great day!

In the coming week, I have a few great events to attend and a night out with my blogging partner in crime, Daniella, before enjoying a lovely long weekend. I’m hoping to spend some time with my amazing friends and Mr T, so fingers crossed the weather is good!

Enjoy the coming week and let’s catch up next Sunday.



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