Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm

Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm

Hello Lovelies,

After seeing the furore over the peach flavoured moisture balm from Soap & Glory, I took a quick trip to Boots to check them out myself.

Out of the 3 Great Kissers’s available (Sweet Coconut, Chocolate Cherry, Juicy Peach, £5 each, Boots) I bought myself coconut and peach as I found the chocolate cherry one to be too overpowering and synthetic.

The Sweet Coconut moisture balm, in the white tin has a light coconut scent that is strong enough but not over bearing. It is tasteless once on the lips. The moisture balm itself is white in the pan but when held in certain lights you really see the gloss effect and the tiny pink & gold microshimmer. This shimmer doesn’t translate to the lips but you are left with a super glossy, clear, non sticky balm.

The Juicy Peach  moisture balm in the peach tin has the same light scent, a really tasty fruity smell. It’s delicious! This balm has no microshimmer at all and is pretty much clear but with a heavy swatch it gives a very, very sheer peach colour pay off. I would still class this as clear personally. As with the Sweet Coconut, the balm gives a super glossy, long lasting non sticky effect.

I’d always prefer stick / tube applicating lip balms as I don’t like the gunky feeling being left on my finger and then having to use a tissue or rub it in to my hand to disperse but I can overlook that solely for the awesome glossy effect from these tins. I’ve not had the seem shine from any other lip balm without using a clear gloss wand.

I initially thought that these seemed a little pricey for a highstreet chemist brand but after using them, they are fantastic and I haven’t stopped raving about them. The Sweet Coconut lives on my desk and I tote the Juicy Peach tin around with me everywhere. I’m not a fan of Soap & Glory toiletries but after falling in love with these two balms, I think I will be trying more of the cosmetics line.

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory? Have you tried anything from their cosmetic line?

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